My firm belief is that theoretical knowledge and research output should be invested and embedded in social reality aiming at enhancing and improving human living conditions. Therefore, in the past ten years, I have been acting as a research, marketing, and fundraising consultant for various cultural companies, education organisations, independent artists and creative start-ups, whose vision and activity I admire and support. In this section, you can find information about my practical work with current and previous selected industry partners.


Current Project

I am currently working in collaboration with the Innovation Hub of the University of Leicester and DemandforSupply, a new digital supply teachers platform, on a commissioned research that investigates the market, operation, business models, challenges and digital opportunities for UK supply teachers providers.

Previous Projects and Selected Partners

Since 2010, I have been acting as a marketing, fundraising, business development and research consultant for numerous cultural and educational institutions, social enterprises, charities, and non-for-profit organisations, creative SMEs and independent artists in the UK, Greece and Cyprus. Some of the organisations that I have worked with include London’s Dance Umbrella, V&A Museum, Opera Holland Park, East London Dance, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Emergency Exit Arts, King’s College London, London School of Business and Finance, Interactive, The Associated Studios, Sinthesis Company, Rokka Festival, Loutraki Festival and Philharmonic Orchestra, International Athens Film Festival, the Municipality of Loutraki, Fibre Performing Arts Company, Allahoo Dance Company, Metaksoto, Athens Fringe Festival, Idil Sukan + Draw HQ.

I have also been involved in a variety of research projects commissioned for the support of cultural organisations funded by several grants from universities, public institutions, and cultural organisations, such as Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), CreativeWorks London, UCL, King’s Cultural Institute, Tima Foundation etc.



Collaboration Opportunities


I am interested in working with cultural organisations, NGOs, social enterprises, educational institutions and artists to help them in their programming, marketing, communication and fundraising activity. I am really keen in being involved in research projects that aim at collecting, interpreting, and analysing information that could assist cultural companies grow, reach new audiences, and have a social impact on the local and broader community.


I believe in the power of larger social visions, aesthetics, chemistry and responsibility; therefore, I partner with charismatic, sensitive, reliable, experienced and well-educated experts, including academics, creatives, designers, marketers, web developers, researchers, fundraisers and project managers from the cultural, education, commercial and non-for profit sector to contribute to individual and institutional projects that serve social aims and have a direct social impact. I usually work from my London office, I reply immediately to emails, and I use every possible digital tool to share progress on projects, answer questions, and discuss new ideas.


I work with creative people, professional artists, social enterprises, cultural and education organisations, as well as charities and commercial companies that have a social mission, try to contribute to individual and social well-being, and whose activity focuses on supporting ideals of cultural democracy, audience accessibility in the arts, and participation of everyday people in learning and cultural opportunities.


To create something that matters; something that matters to you, to audiences, and to myself. What I can offer is the passion, experience, and multidimensional theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject, as well as a network of hand-picked consultants with lots of creative ideas and a true interest in every project we undertake. In return, what I expect to receive is the inspiration, excitement, and contentment that we work towards the betterment of human living conditions.


If you wish to work with me or explore together opportunities for collaboration, you can find me through the channels provided below.